To: Dr. James Reichman, Director


From: William A. Reiners, Professor of Botany

The University of Wyoming

Re: Final Report: "Propagation of Ecological Influences....."

A proposal titled "Propagation of Ecological Influences across Landscape Space was submitted to NCEAS on 9 January 1997. NCEAS generously provided funding for a small meeting to discuss the general ideas in this proposal. Planning and arranging for this meeting were handled primarily by Prof. Frank Davis, Associate Director of NCEAS.

This planning meeting was held at NCEAS during portions of 15 and 16 August 1997. The meetings were primarily between Frank Davis and myself but Michael Goodchild participated on the morning of 16 August. In preparation for this meeting, I provided a literature database of research in different disciplines on transport of energy, materials and genetic information across landscape space, as well as a preliminary review of state-of-the-art transport models relevant to this topic.

The outcome of the meeting was a realization that the focal area was still rather diffuse and it was not clear that NCEAS should attempt a larger workshop on the topic in its fullest form. It was left that I would consider planning a workshop restricted to wind-transported phenomena as well as a general review paper on the topic. Conversations at this meeting were extremely valuable and caused me to reconsider my own thinking to a large extent. Eventually I concluded that the topical areas was too immature and diffuse to bring to NCEAS as a project at this time. I have personally embarked on some more definite research projects in the area and probably will be writing a review paper in the future. I will be presenting an oral paper at the Ecological Society of America meeting in Baltimore summer 1998 that will represent the evolution of my thinking on this topic. In an earlier communication with NCEAS, I described my thoughts and informed NCEAS that it did not need to consider further obligations toward this foray in transport of ecological influences in landscape space.

I am very appreciative of the support, critical review and stimulation provided by NCEAS and the contributions of Frank Davis and Mike Goodchild. The NCEAS staff were highly efficient who made me feel welcome and appreciated. Perhaps the time will come when I will return to NCEAS with a more mature proposal on this subject.