Association of Ecosystem Research Centers

Minutes of the 1996 Annual Meeting
The annual business meeting of the Association of Ecosystem Research Centers
was held on Thursday, November 9, 1996, at 10:15 AM at the National Center for
Ecological Analysis and Synthesis in Santa Barbara, California, President
Barrett being the Chair and Secretary Rykiel being present.  A total of
eighteen members were present.  

Treasurer Virginia reported on the budgets for 1996 and 1997.  His report
indicates the AERC continues to be financially sound.  Funds were available in
1996 to support a workshop on New Directions & Applications for Ecosystem
Science, which was held at NCEAS in October, 1996.  The proposed 1997 budget
includes funds for a new AERC brochure.  The Treasurer reported that AERC has
42 institutional members and 12 corresponding members.

President-Elect Seastedt reported on the New Directions workshop that was led
by Lindsay Boring.  Seastedt remarked in reference to the private sector that
"ecosystem management is not on their screen - compliance is."  He indicated
that private property rights are a concern, and there is no consensus on the
definition of ecosystem management.  A workshop report is to be developed
entitled, "New Directions and Applications for Ecosystem Science in the Private

The President-Elect also commented on some of his plans for the coming year. 
He is interested in expanding the AERC web site
(http://culter.colorado.edu:1030/~aerc) with added links that provide more
information for students and on research opportunities.  He welcomes
suggestions from the membership.

John O'Brien reported on proposed amendments to the AERC Constitution and
By-Laws, and recommended adoption.

O'Brien also raised the subject of gender and minority representation on the
AERC Council.  Reference was made to an Ecological Society of America report on
Women and Minorities in Ecology, and it was noted that this report should be
consulted by AERC as a preliminary to further discussion of the issue.

O'Brien will arrange the 1997 annual meeting and requests the membership to
direct their suggestions on a meeting theme to him.

The Chair raised the issue of the location of the annual meeting and discussion
ensued.  The meeting was historically held in Washington, DC, as an educational
meeting for Federal government personnel.  One option mentioned is to hold the
meeting at a member institution each year.  Another option discussed is to
return the meeting to its historical location at the Smithsonian Institute in


1.  To approve the minutes of the Board of Directors meeting held on May 10,
1996, at AIBS Headquarters in Washington, DC passed unanimously.  

2.  To suspend the reading of the minutes of the 1995 annual business meeting
passed unanimously.

3.  To approve the request of the Agriculture Ecosystem Program at Cornell
University to be dropped from AERC membership passed unanimously.

4.  To approve the request from Flathead Lake Biological Station to have
membership in AERC re-instated passed unanimously.

5.  To adopt the proposed budget for 1997 passed unanimously.

6.  To vote on the total slate of Board of Directors for 1997 passed

7.  To approve the slate of Board of Directors for 1997 passed unanimously.

The 1997 Board of Directors elected are:
President -------------	  Tim R. Seastedt
President-Elect -----   John O'Brien
Secretary -------------	  Edward J. Rykiel
Treasurer ------------	  Ross A. Virginia
Members-at-Large -	  Lindsay Boring
		          -	  Michael L. Pace
		          -	  Amy Ward

8.  To approve the proposed amendments to the AERC Constitution and By-Laws
passed unanimously.

9.  To hold the 1997 annual meeting at the Smithsonian Institution, Washington,
DC passed unanimously.

At the conclusion of the meeting President Barrett expressed his thanks to all
who served AERC during his term, especially to Keely Punger for her outstanding
administrative support.  The meeting adjourned at 11:33 AM.

Edward J. Rykiel Jr.