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Increased temperature variation poses a greater risk to species than climate warming, 2014, Vasseur, David A.; DeLong, John P.; Gilbert, Benjamin; et al., Proceedings of the Royal Society B-Biological Sciences

Geographical limits to species-range shifts are suggested by climate velocity, 2014, Burrows, Michael T.; Schoeman, David S.; Richardson, Anthony J.; et al., Nature

Beta diversity of urban floras among European and non-European cities, 2014, La Sorte, Frank A.; Aronson, Myla; Williams, Nicholas S.G.; et al., Global Ecology and Biogeography


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Ocean Health Index
Principal Investigator(s): Ben Halpern
SNAP: Smart Planning and Sustainable Agriculture Intensification in the Southern Agrucultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania
Principal Investigator(s): Evan Girvetz
SNAP: Data-limited Fisheries Management
Principal Investigator(s): Jono Wilson, Carmen Revenga and Stuart Campbell
SNAP: Ridges to Reef Fisheries
Principal Investigator(s): Hugh Possingham, Carissa Klein, and Chris Brown
SNAP: Integrating natural defenses into coastal disaster risk reduction
Principal Investigator(s): Michael Beck and Jane Carter Ingram