NCEAS Project 10101

Preparation of a book and accompanying CD of programs and data entitled "Ecological Niche Modeling: Ecoinformatics in application to biodiversity"

  • David Stockwell

ActivityDatesFurther Information
Sabbatical Fellow1st October 2005—31st July 2006Participant List  

The proposal is to develop a seminal book on ecological niche modeling (ENM) for ecologists that could also be used as an undergraduate or masters course, and general readership. The book would feature a sequence of theory and practical exercises in developing and evaluating ecological niche models using a range of software covering geographic information systems, multivariate modeling, artificial intelligence methods, data handling and information infrastructure, supplied on accompanying CD-ROM. The book will show applications of predictive modeling methods with reference to valid inference from assumptions. Through theoretical understanding, summary of published applications and examples of inferences that can either lead to plausible or implausible conclusions, the book aims to give the reader the ability to conduct and evaluate ENM projects in any area of application.

TypeProduct of NCEAS Research
Book Stockwell, David. 2007. Niche Modeling: Predictions from Statistical Distributions. Chapman and Hall/CRC; Taylor and Francis Group. Boca Raton, FL.