NCEAS Project 10581

Comparing globally-distributed population of Pomatomus saltatrix: Life histories and fisheries

  • Francis Juanes

ActivityDatesFurther Information
Sabbatical Fellow25th August 2006—31st May 2007Participant List  

Pomatomus saltatrix is a migratory fish species with targeted fisheries throughout its global distribution. I will review the life history and ecology of the adult stages of P. saltatrix from global populations using data obtained from fisheries biologists and managers. I will produce a species phylogeny based on analysis of mitochondrial and nuclear DNA from samples being collected presently. I will then use the life history data and genetic results to separate life history traits across populations to account for phylogenetic effects and thus isolate environmental and fishing effects. Finally, I will collect information on the current status of bluefish populations around the world. My results will for the first time quantify the degree to which populations of a global fish species are adapted to their local environment and will help focus future research efforts.

TypeProduct of NCEAS Research
Data Set Juanes, Francis. 2007. Bluefish life histories. (Abstract) (Online version)