NCEAS Project 10741

Elucidating marine dispersal with population genetics: A simulation approach with case studies on the Northwest Hawaiian Islands and the Pacific coasts of Baja and Southern California (Hosted by NCEAS)

  • Kimberly A. Selkoe

ActivityDatesFurther Information
Center Associate21st September 2005—30th September 2012Participant List  

Our basic understanding of marine population ecology and our ability to successfully manage ocean resources depend on a better understanding of marine larval dispersal. I am interested in evaluating and improving population genetic approaches to estimating dispersal characteristics of coastal marine populations. While the number of empirical studies of genetic structure continues to increase, our methods to translate these data into estimates of dispersal distances and rates remain simplistic and imprecise. In my NCEAS Center Associate position and with funding from the Hawaiian Institute of Marine Biology, I will explore new statistical and simulation approaches to population genetic analysis with case studies for two regions: the Northwest Hawaiian Islands Marine Monument, and the adjacent coastal systems of Baja, Mexico and Southern California, USA. My other areas of focus include 1) local outreach and academic research on sustainability in the seafood industry and 2) evaluating and mapping human impacts to marine ecosystems.

TypeProducts of NCEAS Research
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