NCEAS Project 12021

Economic and ecological implications of non-native forest pests and pathogens (TNC)

  • Juliann E. Aukema

ActivityDatesFurther Information
Center Associate1st September 2006—31st March 2010Participant List  

My research interests lie in spatial patterns, processes, and mechanisms underlying species interactions and distributions, and in applied conservation. I draw on the fields of spatial ecology, plant community ecology, plant-animal interactions, conservation biology, and epidemiology; and I strive to bridge the gap between science and conservation practice. At NCEAS, I am working on a project to quantify the economic and ecosystem impacts of non-native forest pests and pathogens in North America. Both the economic and ecosystem effects of these introductions should be considered in developing public policy.

TypeProducts of NCEAS Research
Book Chapter Holmes, Thomas P.; Aukema, Juliann E.; Englin, Jeffrey E.; Haight, Robert G.; Kovacs, Kent F.; Leung, Brian. 2014. Economic analysis of Biological invasions in forests. Edited by Kant, S., Alavalapati, J. Handbook of Forest Resource Economics. Routledge. New York City. Pages 369-386.
Journal Article Lopez-Carr, David; Pricope, Narcisa G.; Aukema, Juliann E.; Jankowska, Marta M; Funk, Chris; Husak, Gregory; Michaelsen, Joel C. 2014. A spatial analysis of population dynamics and climate change in Africa: potential vulnerability hot spots emerge where precipitation declines and demographic pressures coincide. Population and Environment. Vol: 35. Pages 323-339.