NCEAS Project 12347

Linking Physiological Rates and Community Ecology: Effects of Temperature on Food Web Dynamics and Population Connectivity

  • Mary I. O'Connor

ActivityDatesFurther Information
Postdoctoral Fellow7th January 2009—14th December 2010Participant List  

Fisheries productivity and population connectivity are two complex ecological processes that are relevant to effective management of ocean resources but are very difficult to study directly. Developing a quantitative understanding of how these processes vary with environmental conditions will provide insight into the mechanisms governing each process, as well as how the processes change geographically or with climate change. I will use a general theory of metabolic responses to temperature to determine the role of temperature in driving variation in food web productivity and larval dispersal and survival in marine systems. This research will produce marine food web and larval dispersal databases, along with models, simulations and maps of how these processes are affected by ocean temperature under specific climate change scenarios.

TypeProducts of NCEAS Research
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