NCEAS Project 12666

Synthesizing top-down and bottom-up approaches to ecological energetics

  • Jane Shevtsov

ActivityDatesFurther Information
Working Group8th—13th July 2013Participant List  

Our proposed workshop involves synthesizing and cross-pollinating metabolic ecology and the older lines of research in ecological energetics and thermodynamics. These research areas offer different approaches to closely related problems; yet little collaboration exists between them. The workshop will bring together scientists from energy-centered lines of research, help them come to understand each other's research areas (particularly their conceptual and theoretical aspects), and ask what emerges when we try to bring metabolic ecology and ecological thermodynamics together and what questions could be addressed from these bottom-up and top-down perspectives. The participants will identify points of agreements and disagreement, along with possible resolutions and testable predictions. These predictions will then guide data analysis and simulation work. The minimum outcome would be a synthesis paper, several more specific papers, an organized data set, and, we hope, a research program.