NCEAS Project 12680

Developing a community vision of cyberinfrastructure needs for coral reef systems science

  • Ruth D. Gates
  • Mark P. Schildhauer

ActivityDatesFurther Information
Workshop23rd—24th October 2013Participant List  

The National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Earth Cube Initiative ( encompasses “transformative concepts and approaches to create integrated data management infrastructures across the Geosciences.” To achieve the goal of developing new data and knowledge management systems for the 21st Century, Earth Cube supports initiatives that align these activities with the needs of end user research communities. The Coral Reef Research Community Focuses on a critically important and threatened ecosystem and is extremely diverse from a disciplinary perspective, crossing the boundaries of biological, physical and chemical oceanography, climate science, remote sensing, modeling and engineering. Research in the field spans genomics and ecosystem science, and data generated by these activities crosses broad biological, temporal and spatial scales. Coral reef research data exemplifies many of the challenges that the Earth Cube Initiative is addressing and NSF has agreed to support two workshops to engage this research community. Their aim is to solicit input from end users and data generators on the role that cyber--‐enabled data tools can play in addressing the grand scientific challenges in the field, and in enhancing the value, scope and impact of coral reef systems science.