NCEAS Project 2059

Automation of ecological data management using structured metadata (Hosted by NCEAS)

  • Matthew B. Jones
  • Frank W. Davis
  • O. J. Reichman
  • Mark P. Schildhauer

Ecoinformatics -- a working definition.
Software products for Ecological Data Management.

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Workshop1st June 1997—31st August 1999Participant List  
Graduate Student18th June 1997—30th June 1998Participant List  
Undergraduate Intern17th October—14th December 1997Participant List  
Undergraduate Intern1st April—30th June 1998Participant List  
Working Group29th—30th June 1998Participant List  
Graduate Student13th September—31st December 1999Participant List  

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Data management is a key element in facilitating synthetic ecological research, and thus constitutes an important focus of efforts for NCEAS. Researchers at NCEAS must integrate large numbers of arbitrarily structured and poorly documented data sets. It is critically important that NCEAS investigators, in collaboration with the Center's technical staff, prepare and organize information about these data to facilitate appropriate use and dissemination of the synthesized databases. While some work has been completed towards the development of standards for ecological metadata, relatively little has been done on issues surrounding the technological implementation of a system that could make use of those content standards. We propose to use Standardized General Markup Language (SGML) to formalize a content standard for ecological metadata, and then to build a suite of automated data management tools written in Java that use this formalized standard. These software tools for documentation and quality control work must be easy to use for the typical ecologist, thereby allowing them to focus on ecological questions rather than database technologies.

TypeProducts of NCEAS Research
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Report or White Paper Jones, Matthew B. 1998. Web-based data management. Edited by Michener, W. K.; Porter, J. H.; Stafford, S. G.. Data and Information Management in the Ecological Sciences: A Resource Guide. LTER Network Office, University of New Mexico. Albuquerque, NM.
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