NCEAS Project 2068

Analysis, synthesis, and integration of temperature manipulation research

  • Lindsey Rustad
  • Giles M. Marion

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Meeting6th—8th January 1999Participant List  
Workshop1st—5th February 1999Participant List  
Workshop17th—19th May 1999Participant List  

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Greenhouse gas emissions are expected to increase mean global temperature by 2-4oC in the next 50-100 years. The
consequences of this warming for primary ecosystem processes are not yet understood, and have become the focus of an
emergent field of ecological research. This proposal seeks support to bring together a multi-disciplinary, international group
of scientists to synthesize data from existing temperature manipulation and natural gradient studies to develop a conceptual
and mechanistic framework in which to evaluate the effects of elevated temperature, both alone and in combination with
other vectors of global change, on terrestrial ecosystems. In addition, we will use this forum to discuss and launch a new
GCTE Ecosystem Warming Network, which will have far reaching effects in supporting and promoting future information
exchange, technology transfer, and synthesis efforts in ecosystem warming research.

TypeProducts of NCEAS Research
Journal Article Rustad, Lindsey; Campbell, John; Marion, Giles M.; Norby, Richard J.; Mitchell, Myron J.; Hartley, Anne; Cornelissen, Hans; Gurevitch, Jessica. 2001. A meta-analysis of the response of soil respiration, net nitrogen mineralization, and aboveground plant growth to experimental ecosystem warming. Oecologia. Vol: 126. Pages 543-562.
Journal Article Shaver, Gaius R.; Canadell, Josep G.; Chapin, F. Stuart; Gurevitch, Jessica; Harte, John; Henry, Greg H.R.; Ineson, Phil; Jonasson, Sven; Melillo, Jerry M.; Pitelka, Louis F.; Rustad, Lindsey. 2000. Global warming and terrestrial ecosystems: A conceptual framework for analysis. BioScience. Vol: 50. Pages 871-882.