NCEAS Project 2121

Methods for assessing species viability

  • Craig Groves

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Workshop23rd—25th February 1998Participant List  

From July 2000 through June 2001, I will be on sabbatical from my position as Director of Conservation Planning with the Conservation Science Division of The Nature Conservancy (TNC). This sabbatical is being funded by a Guggenheim Fellowship and by funds from TNC. During the sabbatical period, I will be writing a book on large-scale conservation planning. This book will be an expansion of a two-volume handbook that we recently published in TNC - Designing a Geography of Hope: A Practitioner's Handbook to Ecoregional Conservation Planning. I also plan to write at least two different papers for peer-reviewed journal on the ecoregional and large-scale planning methods of TNC. I have requested to spend January through May 2001 at the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis. I will be using this time primarily for writing on the book project and analyzing data from both ecoregional plans of TNC as well as other large-scale conservation plans from other institutions and organizations. At NCEAS and UCSB, I will be able to interact with colleagues who have similarly been involved in large-scale planning projects (Dr. Sandy Andelman, Dr. Frank Davis, Dr. David Stoms, graduate student Mike Jennings of Gap Analysis, and others), participate in seminars and perhaps a NCEAS work group (have not discussed with Dr. Andelman yet), utilize the library facilities, and conduct some work in the GIS lab at UCSB.

TypeProducts of NCEAS Research
Presentations Groves, Craig. 2002. Noah worked two jobs. Keynote address to Natural Areas Association Annual Meeting. Asheville, NC.
Journal Article Groves, Craig. 2002. Planning for biodiversity conservation: Putting conservation science into practice. BioScience. Vol: 52. Pages 499-512.
Presentations Groves, Craig. 2003. Approaches to developing state comprehensive wildlife conservation plans. US Fish and Wildlife Service and International Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies. Salt Lake City, UT.
Book Groves, Craig. 2003. Drafting a Conservation Blueprint: A Practitioner's Guide to Planning for Biodiversity. Island Press. Washington, DC.
Presentations Groves, Craig. 2003. Principles of conservation planning. Meeting On the Future of The National Wildlife Refuge System (The Next 100 Years). US Fish and Wildlife Service and Other Representatives. Washington, D.C..
Presentations Groves, Craig. 2003. Species issues in conservation planning. Defenders of Wildlife Workshop on Conservation Area Design. Skamania, WA.