NCEAS Project 2178

Towards an explicit representation of root distributions in global models

  • Robert B. Jackson

Jochen Schenk, Postdoc:

ActivityDatesFurther Information
Workshop2nd—4th October 1996Participant List  
Postdoctoral Fellow1st May 1998—30th April 1999Participant List  

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Mechanistic models that examine the feedbacks between vegetation and climate (including atmospheric CO2) are critical for predicting the consequences of global change. Currently, the best and most explicit descriptions of root distributions in ecosystem, biome, and global models are simple two- or three-layer representations that separate shallow and deep water at arbitrary depth (e.g., Neilson 1995). We recently completed a literature review of root distributions for terrestrial biomes and various plant functional groups (Jackson et al. 1996; Canadell et al. 1996), with the goal of providing quantitative root distributions for global models. In this proposal, we highlight results of that literature synthesis and outline ways that root distributions could be incorporated into existing models (including BIOME-BGC, CASA, CENTURY, Heimann, MAPSS, BIOME2, SIB2, and TEM). We propose to hold two short-term workshops at the NCEAS to accomplish this goal. In the first workshop, participants will meet in Santa Barbara to review models, receive input from specific model developers, and propose model exercises. After this workshop, participants will modify model code as necessary, test the adjusted models, and then return to the NCEAS to run a joint modeling exercise. Our ultimate goal is to incorporate root distributions into the three or four models best suited to assessing global C, H2O, and nutrient fluxes, including at least one GCM. NCEAS funds requested in this proposal are leveraged by a financial contribution from BAHC (Biological Aspects of the Hydrological Cycle), with interest in the global consequences of rooting depth for climate and hydrology models.

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