NCEAS Project 2227

Ecological Monitoring

  • Harold A. Mooney

ActivityDatesFurther Information
Workshop8th—10th April 1999Participant List  


In the year 2001 there will be an International Biodiversity Observation Year (IBOY). This program has been initiated by DIVERSITAS, a program for the study of the science of biodiversity. There are many different activities planned for IBOY that involve new science, new integration as well as activities designed to publicize the value of biodiversity to the general public.

In designing IBOY it has become evident that there are a large number of international biodiversity monitoring efforts. IBOY could bring focused attention to the monitoring agenda but we need to identify what particular aspects should be highlighted for maximum effect. A workshop is proposed with the primary objective of identifying biodiversity monitoring program opportunities that would be the most appropriate contribution to IBOY.

A byproduct of this planning effort is to examine the various international monitoring programs and to evaluate if, overall, important aspects are being ignored, as well as where there might be duplication of effort. Some of the issues we would address are: 1) What are some of the overriding questions related to monitoring? 2) How do answering these question relate to differing spatial and temporal scales (this is in essence the heart of the problem since there are so many scales of interest to different groups)? 3) What is the value (and downsides) of standardized methods for intersite comparisons in relation to the questions posed in 1 and 2? 4) How can we link data sets and approaches (a lot of thought has gone into this already for certain types of measurements)? 5) How can we move forward in biodiversity monitoring considering the multiplicity of efforts, the lack of resources and often lack of political will?

Such an analysis could help strengthen biodiversity research in general.