NCEAS Project 2258

A circumpolar comparison of tundra response to temperature manipulation: A synthesis of international tundra experiment data

  • Marilyn D. Walker
  • Michael Hunt Jones

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Postdoctoral Fellow28th October 1996—20th January 1997Participant List  
Workshop4th—9th December 1996Participant List  

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This proposal seeks support for synthesis of existing data from 26 circumpolar arctic and alpine sites regarding species response to a common temperature manipulation. The sites are part of the International Tundra Experiment (ITEX), a collaboration of arctic and alpine researchers. ITEX programs have been in place throughout the circumpolar arctic and temperate alpine since 1992 or 1993. ITEX investigators use a common experimental design, work with a common set of species, and monitor common parameters of the ecosystem and physical environment.

ITEX investigators seek to understand how the same species located in different geographical areas respond to warming and natural climatic variability, and how changes in those species and their environments will affect overall ecosystem structure and function. A common assumption in ecological studies is that patterns of response in species (or other groupings such as functional types or ecosystems) can be directly extrapolated to the range of the species or type. Such an assumption is necessary if data are to be used in modeling and extrapolation studies. The ITEX data will allow us to explicitly test this assumption by examining variability in tundra responses at multiple sites over 4-5 years.

We propose to meet these objectives by compiling and integrating data sets from ITEX research sites in order to test hypotheses of tundra response at a global scale using meta-analysis techniques in a collaborative workshop setting.

TypeProducts of NCEAS Research
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Data Set Walker, Marilyn D.; Jones, Michael Hunt. 2006. A circumpolar comparison of tundra response to temperature manipulation: A synthesis of international tundra experiment data. (Online version)