NCEAS Project 2259

Global Change and Terrestrial Ecosystems;A Synthesis

  • Will Steffen

ActivityDatesFurther Information
Workshop12th—15th November 1996Participant List  

The Global Change and Terrestrial Ecosystems (GCTE) Core Project of the IGBP aims to carry out a synthesis of its work over the first four years of operation. The synthesis will be based on two major themes. (1) the role of terrestrial ecosystems in the physical climate system and in global biogeochemical cycles; and (ii) the impacts of global change on terrestrial ecosystems, based on in-depth analysis of four or five regions around the world. This synthesis addresses both major areas of emphasis for NCEAS - spatio - temporal dynamics and ecosystem management; it interprets results from studies carried out at a wide range of scales, from patch to global spatial scales and from seconds/minutes to centuries in temporal scale. The major activity will be an intensive, two-week workshop in September 1996 involving key scientists (a minimum of 20) who have made major contributions to the GCTE effort. The synthesis will produce two products: (I) a document specifically aimed at the policy section that emphasises the relevance of the synthesis for resource management and policy issues; and (ii) a scientific volume.