NCEAS Project 3242

Synthesizing the new vegetation ecology

  • David W. Roberts

ActivityDatesFurther Information
Sabbatical Fellow1st August 2000—31st July 2001Participant List  

Vegetation ecology is a science of breadth and significance in both pure and applied aspects. Vegetation is the dominant component of terrestrial ecosystems across the globe, and vegetation ecology provides the theoretical, conceptual, and analytical basis for understanding the composition, structure, and diversity of this vegetation. The most recent synthesis of the field is now a quarter century old, and a large number of significant advances have been made in fields that underlie vegetation ecology, as well as in vegetation ecology itself. I propose to achieve a new synthesis of vegetation ecology by developing a comprehensive theory of vegetation in space and time, emphasizing the operational aspects of analytical and predictive models for both space and time. This synthesis will integrate work in population biology, physiological ecology, dynamical systems theory, modern statistical analysis, and simulation modeling.