NCEAS Project 3340

Arctic Hydrology (Hosted by NCEAS)

  • Charles J. Vorosmarty

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Meeting18th—20th September 2000Participant List  

Although there is widespread recognition that Arctic hydrology is sensitive to global warming, understanding the basic mechanisms that control the terrestrial water cycle is still a critical research need. Several NSF Arctic System Science (ARCSS) fora have identified Arctic hydrology and its feedbacks to the Earth System as a high-priority area for advancing the integration of NSF-sponsored high latitude research. With ARCSS support, the NCEAS will convene an Arctic Hydrology Workshop to help catalyze water cycle studies of the overall ARCSS program and more specifically to embed a hydrological component within the newly-formed NSF-SEARCH (Study of Environmental Arctic Change) initiative. The overall goal of the proposed ARCSS Hydrology Workshop is to assess the current state-of-the-art in Arctic systems hydrology and to identify the appropriate roles that NSF-ARCSS could play in supporting the relevant science. The Workshop is cast to produce a set of research priorities emphasizing an integrative approach to better understand Arctic land surface processes within the context of Arctic system change.

TypeProduct of NCEAS Research
Report or White Paper Vorosmarty, Charles J.; Hinzman, Larry; Peterson, Bruce; Bromwich, David; Hamilton, Larry; Morison, Jamie; Romanovsky, Vladimir; Sturm, Matthew; Webb, Robert. 2001. The hydrologic cycle and its role in Arctic and global environmental change: A rationale and strategy for synthesis study. A Report from the Scientific Community to the National Science Foundation Arctic System Science Program. Arctic Research Consortium. Fairbanks, Alaska. Pages 84.