NCEAS Project 4340

Tools for vegetation classification and analysis

  • Robert K. Peet
  • Stephan Hennekens

ActivityDatesFurther Information
Sabbatical Fellow1st September 2001—28th February 2002Participant List  

The NCEAS Vegetation Classification Working Group is designing and building an information infrastructure for vegetation classification in North America. This includes a plot database, a concept-based taxonomy database, and a community database. The Working Group was jointly funded by NCEAS & GAP, and has subsequently obtained NSF support for a full-time programmer at NCEAS (John Harris). This project has been highly productive in database design, and we hope to take advantage of this success to push the resultant database system toward more rapid international acceptance and use by providing additional analytical and interface tools and demonstration datasets. We here request funds for two members of the Vegetation Classification Working Group, Stephan Hennekens and Robert Peet to visit NCEAS as Center Fellows to work with John Harris and the other members of the NCEAS scientific computing staff. Hennekens and Peet would participate in the design, construction and evaluation of database interface tools and associated analytical tools that will be required for wide acceptance of this information system. Hennekens is author of TurboVeg, the current international standard plot database now in use in over 25 countries with over a million plots. He would work at NCEAS with Harris for two months to develop user interfaces for the database system. He shares the vision of the Working Group that a new database system is needed that retains the high level of functionality of TurboVeg, but which is web accessible, perfectly archived so as to be citable, easily scalable, and platform independent. In addition, we request funds for Robert Peet to spend 5 months at NCEAS, to directly work with John Harris to test and refine the database system and associated tools. These efforts should provide sufficient refinement to assure easy and effective use of the database system, and thereby increase the probability of rapid adoption by the scientific community.

TypeProducts of NCEAS Research
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