NCEAS Project 4760

A broad look at organismal interactions: Linking intraspecific social interactions to an interspecific resource-consumer framework

  • Will G. Wilson

ActivityDatesFurther Information
Sabbatical Fellow1st July 2002—30th June 2003Participant List  

Three areas of ecological research have traditionally been considered distinct: resource--consumer processes, behavioral ecology, and the study of social interactions that lead to animal grouping. Recent work has demonstrated that animal grouping can emerge within a spatial resource-consumer model. Such a connection between these two areas provides an ideal situation for linking social interactions between individuals to an individual's resource gathering. This connection enables the general study of the overall selection on an individual possessing both foraging and social behaviors. The sabbatical work proposed here will build upon these results and combine these three areas into one synthetic framework for theoretical analysis. The overall goal is to understand the evolutionary stability of social interactions, and discover under what situations different types of social interactions should be expected. The tangible results of this work will be a book summarizing the empirical and theoretical literature of these three areas, and synthesizing these areas into a single heoretical framework that may provide a roadmap for future research. Simulation code developed for this work will also be made freely available over the Web.

TypeProducts of NCEAS Research
Journal Article Bronstein, Judith L.; Wilson, Will G.; Morris, William F. 2003. Ecological dynamics of mutualist/antagonist communities. American Naturalist. Vol: 162. Pages S24-S39.
Journal Article Wilson, Will G.; Lundberg, Per; Vazquez, Diego P.; Shurin, Jonathan B.; Smith, Melinda D.; Langford, William T.; Gross, Katherine L.; Mittelbach, Gary G. 2003. Biodiversity and species interactions: Extending Lotka-Volterra community theory. Ecology Letters. Vol: 6. Pages 944-952.
Journal Article Wilson, Will G.; Harder, L. D. 2003. Reproductive uncertainty and the relative competitiveness of simultaneous hermaphroditism versus dioecy. American Naturalist. Vol: 162. Pages 220-241.