NCEAS Project 5060

The North Atlantic Project: Comparative ecology of the temperate Northwestern and Northeastern Atlantic benthic communities

  • Clifford W. Cunningham

ActivityDatesFurther Information
Sabbatical Fellow1st September 2002—30th June 2003Participant List  

Although it is one of the best-studied oceans in the world, many aspects of temperate North Atlantic marine community ecology await synthesis and research coordination. During a fellowship year at NCEAS I will work to: o Synthesize available information on the distribution and abundance of closely related populations that exist on both sides of the temperate North Atlantic (trans-Atlantic species). This will include compiling a list of temperate trans-Atlantic species, along with all available information on their life history. o Synthesize available information comparing the ecology and relative species abundance of the temperate NW and NE Atlantic nearshore communities. o Encourage American and European field ecologists to design and carry out coordinated experiments on both coasts of the temperate North Atlantic.

TypeProduct of NCEAS Research
Data Set Berghe, Edward V.; Cunningham, Clifford W.; Costello, Mark J. 2006. North Atlantic register for marine species (NARMS). (Online version)