NCEAS Project 6760

Conservation planning tools

  • Robert Pressey

ActivityDatesFurther Information
Working Group26th—30th June 2003Participant List  

For the purposes of this working group, planning tools are software packages, including simple algorithms as well as decision-support systems, that are used to guide decisions about conservation action. These tools use data on the distribution of biodiversity within planning regions but might also use other data such as geographic adjacency or proximity, past land use, threats, and expected costs of conservation. The main goals of the working group are to: (1) produce a review of conservation planning tools and techniques to inform present and potential users about their applications, advantages, limitations and appropriateness for particular planning problems and circumstances; (2) review current and potential approaches to combining expert judgements and data analysis in the application of planning tools; and (3) make planners and managers aware of the potential and limitations of planning tools for dealing with the problems they encounter.

TypeProducts of NCEAS Research
Presentations Pressey, Robert. 2003. Use and application of conservation planning software. Workshop on summary of issues from the NCEAS international working group on conservation planning tools. Vth World Parks Congress (IUCN). Durban, September 2003.
Presentations Pressey, Robert. 2004. History and development of conservation planning tools: Limitations of conservation planning tools and future directions for R&D. Society for Conservation Biology Annual Meeting, July 2004. New York.
Presentations Pressey, Robert. 2004. Introduction to conservation planning software: Demonstration of two software systems for conservation planning using data from the Cape Floristic Region (C-Plan and MARXAN). Presentation on issues for implementation and the roles of conservation planning software. Biodiversity Planning and Implementation Forum, January 2004. National Botanical Institute. Cape Town.