NCEAS Project 6840

Analysis of long-term litter decomposition experiments: Synthesis at the site, regional, and global levels

  • Mark Harmon

ActivityDatesFurther Information
Working Group30th January—4th February 2004Participant List  
Working Group22nd—26th July 2004Participant List  
Working Group17th—19th March 2006Participant List  
Working Group27th—30th June 2006Participant List  

Although numerous short-term experiments have been used to develop conceptual and simulation models of decomposition, very little is known about the later stages of this process. Exclusion of this later stage has led, at best, to incomplete understanding of ecosystem carbon and nitrogen dynamics. We propose a working group to examine the wealth of litter and decomposition data that has been produced by several recent long-term field experiments. Our analysis will initially be based on data from LIDET (Long-term Intersite Decomposition Experiment Team), a 27-site experiment conducted over a 10-year period. We will then incorporate results of other networks in Canada and Europe as well as other long-term results into this synthesis. Data will be used to reexamine fundamental paradigms that have guided ecosystem analysis for over a decade. We will also test the ability of simulation models developed from short-term experiments to predict long-term trends. Results from our working group will then be used to produce global maps of litter decomposition-related variables including litter production, substrate quality, carbon and nitrogen stores, and decomposition rates.

TypeProducts of NCEAS Research
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