NCEAS Project 8060

Understanding, valuing, and managing dynamic ecosystem services under stress: Synthesizing across the LTER Network

  • Stephen Farber
  • Robert Costanza

ActivityDatesFurther Information
Working Group25th June—2nd July 2004Participant List  
Working Group20th—25th June 2005Participant List  

This project utilizes the LTER site network to develop understanding of the biogeophysical dynamics in stressed ecosystems and the implications of those dynamics for the valuation and management of ecosystem services and underlying ecological support systems. It uses a variety of LTER sites, in different ecological and economic contexts but all subject to existing or potential human stressors. It addresses the appropriateness of valuation methods, how valuations can be transferred among different contexts, and how databases can be developed consistently across sites to assist in ecological management. It also addresses the special management needs demanded of complex, dynamic systems.

TypeProducts of NCEAS Research
Journal Article Farber, Stephen; Costanza, Robert; Childers, Daniel L.; Erickson, Jon D.; Gross, Katherine L.; Grove, J. Morgan; Hopkinson, Chuck; Kahn, James R.; Pincetl, Stephanie; Troy, Austin; Warren, Paige S.; Wilson, Matthew A. 2006. Linking ecology and economics for ecosystem management. BioScience. Vol: 56(2). Pages 117-129.
Report or White Paper Farber, Stephen. An ecosystem services framework linking science, values and environmental decision-making.
Journal Article Pincetl, Stephanie. 2007. From the sanitary city of the twentieth century to the sustainable city of the twenty-first. PLACES. Vol: 19(1). Pages 59-61.