NCEAS Project 8100

Urban ecology, social inequality, and climate: Building an integrative framework at the neighborhood scale

  • Sharon L. Harlan

ActivityDatesFurther Information
Sabbatical Fellow15th August 2004—1st August 2005Participant List  

This is a Center Fellow proposal requesting support for a one-year sabbatical at NCEAS to develop new analytical models concerning human activities, inequality, and climate change in urban communities. My principal activities will be: 1) to develop a framework for understanding how climate and environment influence inequalities in human communities; 2) to analyze, synthesize, and write about how human and ecological communities respond to climatic conditions; and 3) to broaden my knowledge of urban ecology and experience with interdisciplinary research. This project deals with enduring methodological problems in interdisciplinary research and may contribute to public policy interventions to alter the course of climate change on the local scale.

TypeProducts of NCEAS Research
Journal Article Harlan, Sharon L.; Brazel, Anthony J.; Prashad, Lela; Stefanov, William L.; Larsen, Larissa. 2006. Neighborhood microclimates and vulnerability to heat stress. Social Science & Medicine. Vol: 63. Pages 2847-2863.
Journal Article Jenerette, G. Darrel; Harlan, Sharon L.; Brazel, Anthony J.; Jones, Nancy; Larsen, Larissa; Stefanov, William L. 2007. Regional relationships between surface temperature, vegetation, and human settlement in a rapidly urbanizing ecosystem. Landscape Ecology. Vol: 22. Pages 353-365.