NCEAS Project 8581

The fate of nitrogen inputs to terrestrial ecosystems

  • Pamela Templer
  • Michelle C. Mack
  • Knute Nadelhoffer

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Working Group10th—14th January 2005Participant List  
Working Group10th—13th May 2005Participant List  
Working Group13th—15th March 2006Participant List  

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Recent technical innovations in the use of 15N stable isotopic tracers at the ecosystem scale have produced a wealth of data on the fate of N inputs to terrestrial ecosystems. Although this analytically intensive technique has been used at over 20 sites world wide, there have been few attempts at cross-site synthesis. Here we propose a series of working group activities to synthesize ecosystem-scale 15N tracer experiments across a wide geographic range of ecosystem types. While at NCEAS, we propose to develop three products: (1) a standardized protocol for application and analysis of 15N tracer studies, (2) a meta-analysis of the fate and redistribution of N across sites and ecosystem types, and (3) an inter-site comparison with the TRACE model, a simulation model that predicts the fate of N inputs over long time scales. Through these activities, we will address questions about controls over the fate of N inputs in terrestrial ecosystems and the consequences of increased N deposition.

TypeProducts of NCEAS Research
Data Set Templer, Pamela; Mack, Michelle C.; Nadelhoffer, Knute. 2005. Fate of nitrogen inputs to terrestrial ecosystems: A meta-analysis of ecosystem scale 15N tracer studies. (Online version)
Journal Article Templer, Pamela; Mack, Michelle C.; Chapin, F. Stuart; Christenson, Lynn; Compton, Jana E.; Crook, H. D.; Currie, William S.; Curtis, Chris J.; Dail, Bryan; D'Antonio, Carla M.; Emmett, Bridgett A.; Epstein, Howie; Goodale, Christine L.; Gundersen, Per; Hobbie, Sarah E.; Holland, Keri; Hooper, Dave U.; Hungate, Bruce A.; Lamontagne, S.; Nadelhoffer, Knute; Osenberg, Craig W.; Perakis, Steve; Schleppi, Patrick; Schimel, Joshua P.; Kappel Schmidt, Inger; Sommerkorn, Martin; Spoelstra, John; Tietema, Albert; Wessel, Willem W.; Zak, Donald R. 2012. Sinks for nitrogen inputs in terrestrial ecosystems: A meta-analysis of 15 N tracer field studies. Ecology. Vol: 93(8). Pages 1816-1829.