NCEAS Project 9080

Merging adaptive behavior and population dynamics

  • Vlastimil Krivan

ActivityDatesFurther Information
Sabbatical Fellow1st February 2005—31st January 2006Participant List  

Experimental work clearly shows that changes in population numbers influence animal behavior. What is much less clear is, whether animal behavior, in turn, influences population dynamics. If yes, then we get a feedback loop between population dynamics and animal behavior that must be reflected in models of population ecology. If not then we can use the classical, density mediated models of population ecology. I want to study theoretically interplay between direct and indirect interactions in simple food web modules where individuals of one or more population(s) behave adaptively. In particular, I want to focus on a simple bacterial system described by a bacterial population growing on two or more carbon sources.

TypeProducts of NCEAS Research
Journal Article Cressman, Ross; Krivan, Vlastimil. 2006. Migration dynamics for the ideal free distribution. American Naturalist. Vol: 168(3). Pages 384-397.
Journal Article Krivan, Vlastimil; Eisner, Jan. 2006. The effect of Holling type II functional response on apparent competition. Theoretical Population Biology. Vol: 70. Pages 421-430.
Journal Article Krivan, Vlastimil. 2006. The ideal free distribution and bacterial growth on two substrates. Theoretical Population Biology. Vol: 69. Pages 181-191.
Journal Article Krivan, Vlastimil; Cressman, Ross. 2009. On evolutionary stability in predator-prey models with fast behavioural dynamics. Evolutionary Ecology Research. Vol: 11(2). Pages 227-251.