NCEAS Project 9762

Geographic distribution of neotropical tree species: Pattern and process

  • Richard Condit

ActivityDatesFurther Information
Sabbatical Fellow9th December 2005—14th March 2008Participant List  
Center Associate13th January 2006—12th January 2007Participant List  

I propose a sabbatical at NCEAS to study geographic distributions of tree species in Central and South America. My goal is to gain understanding of the factors that limit tree ranges in neotropical forests, both at local scales (hundreds of meters across topographic or moisture gradients) and regional scales (hundreds of kilometers across climatic gradients). I have assembled extensive and precise datasets from tree plots at both scales in Panama and Ecuador, and I will develop novel population models that describe key biological processes: dispersal, reproduction, and survival of individual trees across habitats. The simulations offer predictions on spatial patterns of individuals relative to topography and habitat, and these will be compared with observed spatial patterns to determine which population processes best account for the data. Neotropical forests hold a substantial share of the world¿s plant diversity, but our knowledge about species¿ ranges there is crude. Understanding the processes limiting ranges at local and regional scales is necessary to accurately predict future impact of deforestation and climate change.

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