Working Groups

Working Groups are interdisciplinary groups that collaborate to produce novel research in ecology and allied disciplines. NCEAS provides a stimulating "neutral territory" for these researchers to come together. Each Working Group includes 10 to 15 researchers who visit NCEAS for 1 to 2 weeks at a time to focus intensely on the analysis and synthesis of existing information in their respective fields. To carry out these projects, NCEAS supports researchers' travel costs and provides the infrastructure necessary for deep analysis and collaboration in a hospitable environment.

working group

The success of the NCEAS approach is evident from the significant impact that synthetic work has had on ecology and conservation. While the names of many NCEAS Working Group investigators are well known in the ecology and conservation communities, NCEAS is proud that 75% of participants are typically first-time visitors. An important characteristic of NCEAS emerges from the interactions that take place among the NCEAS resident scientists and the visiting Working Groups. In the evaluation of proposals, we consider aspects of the proposed research and the nature of the participants that might promote effective interactions. NCEAS strongly encourages proposal submission by investigators who are new to NCEAS.


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