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Investing in NCEAS

The National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS), located in downtown Santa Barbara, is a research center of the University of California, Santa Barbara. NCEAS supports cross-disciplinary reseach that uses existing data to address major fundamental issues in ecology and allied fields, and encourages the application of science to management and policy.

NCEAS is a unique institution with an explicit mission to foster synthesis and analysis, turn information into understanding and, through effective collaboration, alter how science is conducted. NCEAS' success is evident in the broad impact of its research and programs, from improving access to data, to promoting a culture of scientific collaboration, and through building the capacity of the scientific community through unique training initiatives.

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2013 Highlights from
NCEAS' Directors

Frank Davis, Director and Stephanie Hampton, Deputy Director

"The success of NCEAS reflects the hard work of thousands of researchers who rely on convergence at NCEAS, where they take a novel approach to science; support for NCEAS invigorates a broad community of environmental researchers."

~Frank Davis, Director

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