Software Requirements

Learning Landscape Ecology explores a variety of topics, and as result, the difficulty levels of the labs also vary greatly. We hope this will provide a range of teaching tools appropriate for undergraduates, beginning graduate students and advanced graduate students and researchers. We have assessed the difficulty of the labs using three categories:

Undergraduate - first introduction to Landscape Ecology, less emphasis on quantitative or computer-oriented labs, assumes a semester of Ecology

Graduate - assumes at least one semester of statistics, basic familiarity with a Windows PC and common word processing and spreadsheet software

Advanced Graduate - assumes experience in conducting research in landscape ecology, solid facility with PCs, and beginning familiarity with some aspects of modeling

The above categories are based on the difficulty level of the lab and the amount of time expected to complete the lab. The categorizations assume a 3-hour class period. Thus, while a graduate lab might be used with undergraduates, extra time for completion should be allowed; and when using an undergraduate lab with graduates it will likely be completed in less than 3 hours. Many labs also include discussion questions and write-up sections to completed out of class.
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