Learning Landscape Ecology:
A Practical Guide to Concepts and Techniques

                Sarah E. Gergel and Monica G. Turner, editors
                © Springer-Verlag 2001

Section I. Introduction and Concepts of Scale

    Chapter 1: Hierarchy Theory and Concepts of Scale
            Robert V. O’Neill and Mark A. Smith

    Chapter 2: Collecting Spatial Data at Broad Scales
            Sarah E. Gergel, Monica G. Turner and David J. Mladenoff

    Chapter 3: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
            Joshua D. Greenberg, Miles G. Logsdon, and Jerry F. Franklin

Section II. Models and Causes of Landscape Pattern
    Chapter 4: Introduction to Markov Models
            Dean L. Urban and David O. Wallin

    Chapter 5: Simulating Changes in Landscape Pattern
            Eric J. Gustafson

    Chapter 6: Creating Landscape Pattern
            Hazel R. Delcourt

Section III. Quantifying Landscape Pattern
      Chapter 7: Understanding Landscape Metrics I
              Jeffrey A. Cardille and Monica G. Turner

      Chapter 8: Understanding Landscape Metrics II: Effects of Changes In Scale
              Joshua D. Greenberg, Sarah E. Gergel and Monica G. Turner

      Chapter 9: Neutral Landscape Models
              Robert H. Gardner and Steven Walters

      Chapter 10: Scale Detection Using Semivariograms and Autocorrelograms
              Michael W. Palmer

Section IV. Disturbance Dynamics
      Chapter 11: Landscape Disturbance: Location, Pattern and Dynamics
              Monica G. Turner, Daniel B. Tinker, Sarah E. Gergel and F. Stuart Chapin, III

      Chapter 12: Multiple Stable States and Landscape Resilience
              Garry D. Peterson

Section V. Organism Responses to Landscape Pattern
      Chapter 13: Interpreting Landscape Patterns from Organism-based Perspectives
              Scott M. Pearson

      Chapter 14: Landscape Context
              Scott M. Pearson

      Chapter 15: Landscape Connectivity and Metapopulation Dynamics
              Kimberly A. With

      Chapter 16: Individual-based Modeling: The Bachman's Sparrow
              John B. Dunning, Jr., David J. Stewart and Jianguo Liu

Section VI. Ecosystem Processes at Broad Scales
      Chapter 17: Feedbacks Between Organisms and Ecosystem Processes
              Linda L. Wallace and Steve T. Gray

      Chapter 18: Modeling Ecosystem Processes
              Sarah E. Gergel and Tara Reed-Andersen

Section VII. Applied Landscape Ecology: Integrating Across the Levels
      Chapter 19: Reserve Design
              Stanley A. Temple and John R. Cary

      Chapter 20: Prioritizing Acquisitions for Conservation
              Dean L. Urban