03/01/2017Prospects and priorities for satellite monitoring of global terrestrial biodiversity
03/06/2017LTER: A synthesis to identify how metacommunity dynamics mediate community responses to disturbance across the ecosystems represented in the LTER network
03/10/2017SNAPP: Land-use change and conservation policy in Brazil and the U.S. for biodiversity, ecosystem services and economic returns
03/13/2017SNAPP: Developing targets to manage soil organic matter for environment and people
03/14/2017SNAPP: Integrating natural capital into system of national accounts: A case study of forestry and wetland landscapes in Rwanda
03/20/2017Workshop: MacroMycoFunc - Forming an integrated understanding of function across fungi
03/27/2017SNAPP: Documenting, measuring and valuing the ecosystem service and human well-­being benefits delivered by Key Biodiversity Areas
03/29/2017LTER Network Communications Office
04/04/2017DataONE: Observation Network for Earth
04/10/2017Collaborative Research: ABI Development: A toolbox for analysis of long-term ecological dynamics using the Kepler Workflow System
05/08/2017LTER: Synthesizing population and community synchrony to understand drivers of ecological stability across LTER sites
05/15/2017LTER Network Communications Office
05/16/2017Scientia Arctica: A Knowledge Archive for Discovery and Reproducible Science in the Arctic
06/12/2017LTER: Scaling-Up Productivity Responses to Changes in Biodiversity
06/28/2017SNAPP: Ecological levers for health: Advancing a priority agenda for disease ecology and planetary health in the 21st century
07/10/2017Open science training enabling synthetic science within the Gulf Research Program
07/18/2017SNAPP Board Meeting
07/31/2017SNAPP: Compensation and Conservation: Better Outcomes for Nature and People