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Online Collaboration Services for Working Groups 
Computing is a high performance endeavor at NCEAS, whether we are dealing with optimization modeling, GIS applications, or other ecological computing applications. We provide a powerful cyberinfrastructure to address extremely computationally challenging problems, and to provide excellent technical support for resident and remote researchers. NCEAS visitors have access to advanced PC, Macintosh, and Linux workstations running a broad range of software for accomplishing all phases of ecological analysis. High performance computing is available for memory- and/or processor-intensive modeling, statistical, visualization, and data management projects.
In keeping with our mission of collaboration and synthesis, we actively research and promote open-source, non-proprietary computing solutions that can be communally developed and easily shared among researchers.


New to NCEAS?
Visit Mark Schildhauer in Room 303 for an orientation to the NCEAS computing environment. Visit Thomas Hetmank in Room 333 for technological support. For questions about analysis and data management, see Julien Brun in Room 303.

New Working Groups will be contacted about their computing requirements prior to their first visit. We will provide a brief introduction to our cyberinfrastructure and Informatics during the first meeting at NCEAS. We are available to assist Working Group leaders with publicizing data and technical products.

All NCEAS Associates and visitors are welcome to email help [at] (email us) at any time with issues.

Our services are divided into three main topic areas:

Desktop and tech support

We maintain a modern cyberinfrastructure and offer assistance for visitors and residents, including wireless and wired networking, email, web sites, shared file systems, a large library of scientific software, and well-equipped desktop systems throughout our facility. Additional services are available upon request, and we can work with you to develop novel solutions to technical challenges you might encounter.

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Scientific computing

We provide specialized services for data acquisition and integration, statistical analysis and modeling, and data documentation and archiving. Our team is available for consultation on a variety of critical computational tasks, such as:

  • Organizing and managing complex datasets
  • Locating and acquiring additional datasets
  • Selecting appropriate quantitative methods and scientific software
  • Designing custom analytical solutions
  • Describing and registering data products with Ecological Metadata Language (EML)

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Online collaboration services for Working Groups

We provide an array of services that facilitate online collaboration among Working Group participants, even after they have returned to their respective institutions.

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