Amber Budden, NCEAS Fellow

Amber Budden is the Director for Community Engagement and Outreach at DataONE, an NSF funded cyberinfrastructure project supporting Earth and environmental scientists in their data management, preservation, search and discovery needs. She is also an NCEAS fellow and resident of the NCEAS community. Amber joined NCEAS as a postdoc in 2007 conducting research into publication practices and open access before taking her position with DataONE in 2010. An advocate for open and transparent science, it was a natural extension to become involved in open data and in her role at DataONE she both supports the community using DataONE tools and services and conducts training and outreach activities in best practices for data management.

Amber has a PhD in behavioral ecology and has conducted postdoctoral research on avian sexual selection and life-histories at the University of California Berkeley in addition to her open publication / bibliometrics research at NCEAS. Amber has held teaching positions at the University of Toronto and York University in Canada and she has worked in outreach and publications within the non-profit sector prior to joining DataONE. She is currently a principal investigator on a number of training and cyberinfrastructure awards including DataONE and the Arctic Data Center, was a board member of the National Postdoctoral Association and collaborates on multiple ecoinformatics, software and training projects.

Amber holds a PhD in Behavioral Ecology from the University of Wales and a Joint Honors BSc in Psychology and Zoology from the University of Bristol.