Julia Stewart Lowndes

Last Name: 



Senior Fellow & Data Scientist



Executive Staff: 



Openscapes & Ocean Health Index



Room 319


Describe your work at NCEAS.
I work with the Ocean Health Index, a method used to measure how healthy our oceans are using the best available science and open, reproducible, collaborative practices.

What's your favorite thing about NCEAS?
I love that NCEAS has been a leader in changing conversations and practices in ecology and environmental science.

What was an "a-ha" moment or experience that made you want to do work in ecology, science and/or conservation?
The first time I caught a Humboldt squid in Baja California, Mexico. It was over 2 feet long and as I watched it change colors and move its arms above water, I wanted to know more about what it was capable of doing below water. I spent the next five years studying their behavior and how they interact with their environment.

If you could be any animal, what would it be and why?
Either a squid or a manatee: they swim around exploring with their friends and having brunch all day.