Marine conservation: Integrating science and policy

Principal Investigator(s): 

Larry B. Crowder

Marine conservation requires not only an understanding of the biological, physical, and ecological sciences, it also requires a mature understanding of the socio-political process. Poor science can doom the implementation of wise marine conservation practices, but naivete among scientists regarding the policymaking process can also slow the application of good science.

The purpose of this Working Group is to provide a road map for ecologists navigating through the policy landscape with the following two major goals in mind:

  1. Write a book tentatively titled, Marine Conservation: Integrating Science and Policy. This book will follow on the heels of another book on Marine Conservation Biology, The Science of Sustaining the Seas, Island Press, 2003, which the principal investigator is co-editing with Elliott Norse of MCBI. The proposed book will be co-authored by Mike Orbach and derives from the Conservation Biology and Policy Course they taught at the Duke University Marine Laboratory since 1997.
  2. Learn more about the science and policy integration process by working with an interdisciplinary group of people who deal with marine conservation from many disciplines; including anthropologists, economists, lawyers, journalists, marketing people, governance experts, fishermen, and environmentalists.

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