A toolbox for analysis of long-term ecological dynamics using the Kepler Workflow System

Collaborative Research

Principal Investigator(s): 

Matthew B. Jones, Scott L. Collins, and Corinna Gries

As ecologists continue to gather long-term data at site, regional, continental, and global scales, there will be an increasing need for tools to measure the pattern and rate of change in plant and animal communities in response to multiple environmental drivers. The National Science Foundation has funded the NCEAS Informatics team and collaborators from University of New Mexico and University of Wisconsin’s Center for Limnology to gather together multiple metrics of ecological dynamics into one toolbox will provide ecologists with a new set of tools for quantifying how communities change over time.

Our approach builds upon many recent informatics developments (EML, DataONE, LTER NIS, PASTA, Kepler) to advance ecological research. The toolbox will make community analysis more accessible, expose a variety of indices to wider use, and, with existing workflows, will help reduce data preparation efforts and foster unprecedented potential for collaboration.

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