Human Impacts on the Mediterranean Marine Ecosystem

The goal of this project was to map the current threats and impacts of human activities on the marine ecosystem of the Mediterranean. For more information, please visit the main project site Global Map of Human Impacts to Marine Ecosystems or see the publication. Click on this link to view the full, detailed metadata for these datasets online.

The georeferenced rasters (geotiff) here are in Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area projection centered on the Mediterranean ocean. Warning: The links on this page are direct download links. Some files (particularly .tif files) are large and may exceed 100 MB in size.



  1. Model (model: geotiff)


  1. Accidents (accidents: geotiff)

  2. Artisinal Fishing (artisinal: geotiff)

  3. Commercial Shipping (shipping: geotiff)

  4. Fertilizer (fert: geotiff)

  5. Pelagic Low-Bycatch Fishing (fish1: geotiff)

  6. Pelagic High-Bycatch Fishing (fish2: geotiff)

  7. Demersal Non-Destructive Low-Bycatch Fishing (fish3: geotiff)

  8. Demersal Non-Destructive High-Bycatch Fishing (fish4: geotiff)

  9. Demersal Destructive Fishing (fish5: geotiff)

  10. Flares (flares: geotiff)

  11. Hypoxia (hypoxia: geotiff)

  12. Impreviosness (impv: geotiff)

  13. Invasives (invasives: geotiff)

  14. Ocean Acidification (acid: geotiff)

  15. Pesticides (pest: geotiff)

  16. Population (pop: geotiff)

  17. Sea Temperature Anomalies (sst: geotiff)

  18. UV Radiation (uv: geotiff)


  1. Beach (beach: geotiff)

  2. Coral (coral: geotiff)

  3. Deep Hard Benthic (h2000p: geotiff)

  4. Deep Soft Benthic (s2000p: geotiff)

  5. Deep Waters (pelagic_deep: geotiff)

  6. Hard Shelf (h60to200: geotiff)

  7. Hard Slope (h200to2000: geotiff)

  8. Intertidal Mud (intertidal_mud: geotiff)

  9. Kelp (kelp: geotiff)

  10. Mangroves (mangroves: geotiff)

  11. Rocky Intertidal (rocky_intertidal: geotiff)

  12. Rocky Reef (h0to60: geotiff)

  13. Salt Marsh (salt_marsh: geotiff)

  14. Seagrass (seagrass: geotiff)

  15. Seamounts (seamounts: geotiff)

  16. Shallow Soft (s0to60: geotiff)

  17. Soft Shelf (s60to200: geotiff)

  18. Soft Slope (s200to2000: geotiff)

  19. Surface Waters (pelagic: geotiff)

  20. Suspension Reef (suspension_reef: geotiff)