Ollerton et al. (2003)

General information

The study was conducted in the KwaZulu-Natal region of South Africa. During 3 months of fieldwork the flower visitors and pollinators to an assemblage of nine asclepiads at an upland grassland site were studied. Two of the specialized pollination systems that were documented are new to the asclepiads: fruit chafer pollination and pompilid wasp pollination (the latter is almost unique in the angiosperms).

Data type

The authors recorded their data by counting the number of individual flower visitors observed and/or caught on each plant species. The total number of individuals observed on each plant species provide a rough estimate of the level of visitation that each species received. Data are presented as an interaction frequency matrix, in which cells with positive integers indicate the frequency of interaction between a pair of species, and cells with zeros indicate no interaction.


Ollerton, J., S. D. Johnson, L. Cranmer, and S. Kellie. 2003. The pollination ecology of an assemblage of grassland asclepiads in South Africa. Annals of Botany 92:807-834.

Data files

Text format: interaction matrix (no species names)

Excel format: interaction matrix (includes species lists)

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