Geographic Mosaic of Coevolution Working Group

Overall Project: Coevolution and the Organization of Biodiversity

Summary for March 1999 Meeting


During the March 1999 meeting, we:

evaluated where we were in the goals we had established a year ago

reviewed what we had accomplished over the past year

worked on the analysis of three models headed by Gomulkiewicz, Hochberg, Nuismer

wrote preliminary drafts for two papers reporting on two of the models

decided on the next steps

Overall goal: Develop formal models for the geographic mosaic theory of coevolution and its effects on the organization of biodiversity. The evolutionary hypothesis includes three components, all of which are being evaluated by the group: selection mosaics among communities, coevolutionary hotspots, and trait remixing.

Specific goals: The group is concentrating on how coevolutionary hotspots develop and how hotspots of different "temperatures" drive the overall dynamics of coevolution and genetic diversity across geographic landscapes. In addition, the group is developing models to evaluate how selection mosaics develop across geographic landscapes, providing the preconditions for geographically structured coevolution.

Publications developing thus far from the modeling working group:

(Note: this list excludes the publications from the related sub-working groups on (1) rapid evolution and (2) empirical studies of the geographic mosaic of coevolution.)

Thompson, J. N. 1999. The raw material for coevolution. Oikos 84: 5-16

Nuismer, S., J. N. Thompson, R. Gomulkiewicz. Gene flow and geographically structured coevolution. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B 266:605-609.

Gomulkiewicz, R., J. N. Thompson, S. Nuismer, R. Holt, M. E. Hochberg

(Completed ms. in first draft)

Hochberg, M. E., R. Gomulkiewicz, R. Holt, and J. N. Thompson.

(Completed ms. in first draft)

Nuismer et al. (Model in progress. Ms. later in summer)

To Do:

Thompson: Will continue to work with Gomulkiewicz, Hochberg, and Nuismer on writing up the current three modeling manuscripts underway.

Gomulkiewicz: Has completed the coevolutionary hotspot model he is spearheading. Preliminary ms. now completed

Hochberg: Has completed the selection mosaic model for antagonism/mutualism he is spearheading. Full draft of ms. now completed.

Nuismer: Is working on an extension of the Nuismer et al. paper just published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society, emphasizing patterns of gene flow

Holt: Will work with Hochberg in Paris next week to identify the component of modeling the geographic mosaic of coevolution on which he will devote his efforts

Keitt: Will work on a new approach to extending the coevolutionary hotspot results of the Hochberg and van Baalen 1998 paper.

Bascompte: Has offered to help with cellular automata approach to Nuismer/Gomulkiewicz models, once those next models are in place.