Developing a Theory of Marine Reserves – May 16-20, 1999

Participants: Gary Allison, Oregon State University; Sandy Andelman, University of California, Santa Barbara; Loo Botsford, University of California, Davis; George Branch, University of Cape Town; Mark Carr, University of California, Santa Cruz; Patty Debenham, Sea Web; Jenny Dugan, University of California, Santa Barbara; Ginny Eckert, University of California, Santa Barbara; Steve Gaines, University of California, Santa Barbara; Brian Grantham, Oregon State University ; Alan Hastings, University of California, Davis; Heather Leslie, Oregon State University; Dale Lockwood, University of California, Davis; Jane Lubchenco, Oregon State University; Deborah McArdle, University of California, Sea Grant; Fiorenza Micheli, National Center for Ecological Analysis & Synthesis; Joe Neigel, University of Southwest Louisiana; Steve Palumbi, Harvard University; Callum Roberts, University of York; Mary Ruckelshaus, National Marine Fisheries Service; Alan Shanks, University of Oregon; Bob Warner, University of California, Santa Barbara; Group members unable to attend: Juan Carlos Castilla, John Largier, Richard Strathmann.

The Marine Reserves Working Group met at NCEAS May 16-20th to review and summarize progress, spend time working in small groups, and to agree on an approach for communicating our initial results to the ecological and resource management communities. One of the first products from our group will be a special issue of Ecological Applications on marine reserves. To this end, one goal of the third meeting was to complete the work on the papers authored by workgroup participants on developing the theory necessary to guide the establishment of future marine reserves. Each day, subgroups worked to refine their manuscripts and representatives of subgroups presented either their final results or their "work in progress" to the group as a whole to receive feedback. These papers will be submitted to a supplemental edition of the journal Ecological Applications in June 1999. It is anticipated that the final manuscripts will be due in December 1999. A list of the papers expected to be submitted to Ecological Applications is listed below. All submitted papers will go through the normal EA reviewing and editing process. There are no guarantees that mss submitted will be accepted.

Proposed Papers for the Special Issue of Ecological Applications on Marine Reserves

A secondary goal of the meeting was to begin to formalize the effort of conducting a small workshop for scientists and resource managers (~25). The goal of the workshop is to both share the progress made by the workgroup participants and to ensure that these efforts are coordinated with the practical needs of those who will apply this information "on the ground." It was decided that this workshop would tentatively be held on December 1-2, just prior to the Working Group’s next meeting of Dec 3-4, 1999. The workshop will include presentations by NCEAS workgroup participants and comments and responses by the invited researchers and managers. Potential participants were identified during the meeting and will be invited in the next month.