Proposed Papers for the Special Issue of Ecological Applications on a Theory of Marine Reserves

  1. Gaines, G.S. and B. Gaylord. The Influence of Larval Dispersal on the Design and Effectiveness of Marine Reserves.
  2. Allison, G.S., S. Gaines and J. Lubchenco and H. Possingham. Taking the Long View of Marine Reserves and Catrastrophes: Where the Unlikely Becomes the Probable.
  3. Gerber, L., S. Andelman, L. Botsford, S. Gaines, A. Hastings, S. Palumbi, and H. Possingham. Population Models for Marine Reserve Design: A Synthesis.
  4. Gerber, L. S. Andelman, P. Kareiva, and J. Bascompte. The Interplay of Life History Attributes and Fishing Pressure in Evaluating Efficacy of Marine Reserves.
  5. Andelman, S. H., H. Possingham and J. Lubchenco. How Many, Where, and How Big: Decision Rules for Designing Adequate Marine Reserve Networks.
  6. Grantham, B., G. Eckert, A. Shanks, R. Strathmann and M. Strathmann. Dispersal Profiles of Marine Invertebrate Communities: Implications for Marine Reserve Design.
  7. Neigel, J. The Species Area Relationship and its Potential Relevance to the Design of Marine Reserves.
  8. Largier, J. Dispersion in the Coastal Ocean and its Implications for Marine Reserves.
  9. Carr, M., S. Andelman, J. Estes, J. Largier, J. Lubchenco, J. Niegel, and R. Warner. Environmental and Ecological Differences Between Terrestrial and Marine Systems: Implications for the Objectives and Design of Protected Areas.
  10. Leslie, H. Evaluation of Priority-Setting Approaches for Siting Marine Reserve Networks.
  11. Roberts, C., G. Branch, R. Bustamente, J. Carlos Castilla, J. Dugan, B. Halpern, H. Leslie, K. Lafferty, J. Lubchenco, D. McArdle, M. Ruckleshaus, and R. Warner. Ecological Criteria for Evaluating Candidate Sites for Marine Reserves.
  12. Roberts, C. How Much of the Sea Should be Protected from Fishing in Marine Reserves?
  13. Leslie, H., M. Ruckleshaus, I. Ball, H. Possingham, and S. Andelman. Using Siting Algorithms in the Design of Marine Reserves.
  14. Hastings, A. and L. Botsford. Modeling Yield and Persistence in Marine Reserves.
  15. Shanks, A. and B. Grantham. Larval Dispersal Distance and the Size and Spacing of Marine Reserves.
  16. Halpern, B. The Impact of Marine Reserves: Does Reserve Size Matter?
  17. Dethier, M. and R. Srathmann. Presence, Absence, and Traits of Coastal Marine Species on a Patch of Rock Distant from Potential Source Populations.
  18. Palumbi, S.R. Can Genetic Isolation by Distance Models Estimate Larval Dispersal Ranges? Implications for Design of Marine Reserves.
  19. Lafferty, K., J. Dugan, H. Leslie, D. McArdle, and R. Warner. Applying Integrative Marine Reserve Design; Examples of Options for the California Channel Islands.