Final Report: NCEAS Community Dynamics Working Group Meeting IV
(23-28 March 1998)
K.L. Cottingham and F. Micheli, 7 April 1998

A subset of the Community Dynamics Working Group reconvened at NCEAS from March 23 - 28, 1998.  We focused on two activities:  (1) finalizing analyses begun during the first three meetings and drafting the papers that report these analyses and (2) writing a paper presenting a new conceptual framework for thinking about community variability.

(1) Polishing up ongoing analyses from earlier working group meetings


(2) Ad Hoc Working Group on Community Variability

Participants from Outside NCEAS:

Janet M. Fischer (postdoctoral fellow at Cornell University)
Jennifer L. Klug (graduate student at the University of Wisconsin)
James A. Rusak (graduate student at York University)
J. Timothy Wootton (assistant professor at the University of Chicago)
Ginny L. Eckert (graduate student at UCSB) 

Participants from NCEAS:

Kathryn L. Cottingham
Fiorenza Micheli
Jordi Bascompte
Ottar Bjornstad
Timothy H Keitt
Bruce E. Kendall

Official Motivator:

Peter Kareiva