NCEAS Biodiversity Scenarios Workshop Status Report

The biodiversity scenarios workshop was held at NCEAS in spring, 1996. A third of the chapters have been submitted in final form, four additional chapters have been promised in the next three weeks; the final four chapters have been promised before summer and will be deleted from the book if they do not meet this deadline. The editors (Chapin, Sala, and Huber-Sannwald) will meet in mid-March to complete the editing of the chapters that are complete and write the introductory and summary chapters. Springer-Verlag has agreed to publish the book. We expect to submit the book to the publisher in May and to write a summary article for Science based on a synopsis of the book. Here is the outline of the book and the current status of each chapter


Book Outline

Introduction: Chapin, Sala, Huber-Sannwald (to be written in March)
Climate and vegetation distribution: Martin Sykes (Submitted)
Land-use change: Rik Leemans (draft by March)
Soil biology: Diana Freckman (draft by summer)
Arctic and alpine tundra: Marilyn Walker (draft by summer)
Boreal forest: Terry Chapin (Submitted)
Grasslands: Osvaldo Sala (draft by March)
Savannas: Brian Walker (Draft submitted)
Mediterranean systems: Hal Mooney (draft by March)
Deserts: Laura Huenneke (Submitted)
Temperate forests: Juan Armesto (draft by summer)
Tropical forests: Rodolfo Dirzo (draft by summer)
Lakes: David Lodge (draft by March)
Streams: Poff (submitted)
Conclusions (to be written in March)