Dr. Timothy Keitt Annual Report

In the past year, I have been actively involved in research on a number of projects at NCEAS.  Dr. Bob Holt and I have continued to make progress towards a special feature on species' borders to submit to Ecology. The special feature will consist of six manuscripts including population perspectives, community perspectives, evolutionary perspectives, and statistical pattern analysis. Dr. Holt and I have also continued to collaborate and have produced two papers, one in press and another in review.
I am also pursuing several other collaborations as part of the species' borders working group.  I am working with Mark Taper to adapt kernel-density methods for the purpose of geographic range boundary delineation.  I am also collaborating with Brian Maurer, Bob Holt and Town Peterson on models of the dynamic relationship between climate and species range limits.
Also, my ongoing collaboration with Dean Urban on landscape connectivity has also resulted in two manuscripts, currently in review.
In the past year, I have participated in the NCEAS Kids-Do-Ecology program.  I have taught ecological and evolutionary concepts to a local 5th grade class.  The students studied bird coloration and its relationship to predation rates. They conducted an experiment which involved kids "hunting" for colored candy on different color backgrounds.
My main goal in the next year is to submit the species' borders special feature and to organize an NCEAS workshop to synthesize the current work on species' borders. I plan to produce an edited volume for publication.

Publications while at NCEAS

Papers in refereed journals
Keitt, T. H.. 1999. Spectral representation of neutral landscapes. Landscape Ecology (In press).

Holt, R. D. and T. H. Keitt. 1999. Alternative causes for range limits: a metapopulation perspective. Ecology Letters (In press).

Kendall, B. E., O. N. Bjornstad, J. Bascompte, T. H. Keitt, and W. F. Fagan. 1999. Dispersal,environmental correlation, and spatial synchrony in population dynamics. The American Naturalist (In press).

Micheli, F., K. L. Cottingham, J. Bascompte, O. N. Bjornstad, G. L. Eckert, J. M. Fischer, T. H. Keitt, B. E. Kendall, J. L. Klug, and J. A. Rusak. 1998. The dual nature of community variability. OIKOS 85:161-169.

Keitt, T. H. and H. E. Stanley. 1998. Dynamics of North American breeding bird populations. Nature 393:257-260.

Proceedings Stanley, H. E., L. A. N. Amaral, S. V. Buldyrev, S. Havlin, T. H. Keitt, H. A. Makse, and G. Viswanathan, "Scale-Invariant Correlations in the Social Sciences," in Econophysics: An Emerging Science [Proc. 1997 Budapest Conference], edited by J. Kert'esz and I. Kondor (Kluwer, Dordrecht, 1998).

Papers submitted

Keitt, T. H., M. A. Lewis, and R. D. Holt. Allee dynamics, critical phenomena, and species' borders. (Submitted to The American Naturalist.)

Urban D. L. and T. H. Keitt. Landscape connectedness: a graph theoretic perspective. (Submitted to Ecology.)

Bunn, A. G., D. L. Urban, and T. H. Keitt. Landscape connectivity: a focal species analysis using graph theory. (Submitted to Conservation Biology.)

Keitt, T. H. "Spatial autocorrelation, dispersal, and the maintenance of source-sink populations," (In review: G. Bradshaw and P. Marquet [eds.], How landscapes change: the dynamics of human disturbance and ecology in the Americas, Columbia University Press.)