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Plastic waste inputs from land into ocean, 2015, Jenna R. Jambeck, Roland Geyer, Chris Wilcox, Theodore R. Siegler, Miriam Perryman, Anthony Andrady, Ramani Narayan, Kara Lavender Law, Science

Biodiversity enhances ecosystem multifunctionality across trophic levels and habitats, 2015, Jonathan S. Lefcheck, Jarrett E. K. Byrnes, Forest Isbell, Lars Gamfeldt, John N. Griffin, Nico Eisenhauer, Marc J. S. Hensel, Andy Hector, Bradley J. Cardinale, J. Emmett Duffy, Nature Communications

Space to invade? Comparative range infilling and potential range of invasive and native plants, 2014, Bethany A. Bradley, Regan Early, Cascade J. B. Sorte, Global Ecology and Biogeography

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Protect the Right Places for Biodiversity


James Watson, Co-author of the article Shortfalls in the global protected area network at representing marine biodiversity,  recently published in Scientific Reports, discusses the importance of the placement of protected areas to ensure effective protection.  

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Climate Change, Warming Oceans, and Vanishing Cod


Tom Ashbrook speaks with Ben Halpern—NCEAS center associate and marine biologist at the Marine Science Institute at the University of California, Santa Barbra—on NPR's On Point about the cod fishery collapse in the Gulf of Maine, climate change, and the global redistribution of marine biodiversity.

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Exploring Alternative Water Sources in California

Iowa Public Television's Market to Market host, Josh Buettner, interviews frequent NCEAS Visiting Scientist and Director of Water Initiatives, Wrigley Institute of Sustainability, John Sabo, about alternative water sources during the drought in California, and in particular desalination. Link to written interview
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