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Evolutionary history of plant hosts and fungal symbionts predicts the strength of mycorrhizal mutualism, 2018, Jason D. Hoeksema, James D. Bever, Sounak Chakraborty, V. Bala Chaudhary, Monique Gardes, Catherine A. Gehring, Miranda M. Hart, Elizabeth Ann Housworth, Wittaya Kaonongbua, John N. Klironomos, Marc J. Lajeunesse, James Meadow, Brook G. Milligan, Bridget J. Piculell, Anne Pringle, Megan A. Rúa, James Umbanhowar, Wolfgang Viechtbauer, Yen-Wen Wang, Gail W. T. Wilson, Peter C. Zee, Communications Biology

Tools for measuring, modelling, and valuing ecosystem services, 2018, Rachel A. Neugarten, Penny F. Langhammer, Elena Osipova, Kenneth J. Bagstad, Nirmal Bhagabati, Stuart H.M. Butchart, Nigel Dudley, Vittoria Elliott, Leah R. Gerber, Claudia Gutierrez Arrellano, Kasandra-Zoica Ivanic, Marianne Kettunen, Lisa Mandle, Jennifer C. Merriman, Mark Mulligan, Kelvin S.-H. Peh, Ciara Raudsepp-Hearne, Darius J. Semmens, Sue Stolton, Simon Willcock, IUCN

Resurrecting the public record: Assessing stakeholder participation in Alaska's fisheries, 2018, Meagan Boltwood Krupa, Molly McCarthy Cunfer, S. Jeanette Clark, Emily O’Dean, Marine Policy

Indicators of marine ecosystem integrity for Canada's Pacific: An expert-based hierarchical approach, 2018, Thomas A. Okey, Science of the Total Environment

A funder-imposed data publication requirement seldom inspired data sharing, 2018, Jessica L. Couture, Rachael E. Blake, Gavin McDonald, Colette L. Ward, PLOS One

Strategic Communication to Achieve Carbon Neutrality within the University of California, 2018, Roger Bales, Jon Christensen, Alex Heeren, Heather Hodges, Lisa Leombruni, Stacy Rebich-Hespanha, UC Merced: Library

The global flood protection savings provided by coral reefs, 2018, Michael W. Beck, Iñigo J. Losada, Pelayo Menéndez, Borja G. Reguero, Pedro Díaz-Simal, Felipe Fernández, Nature Communications

Avoiding the ecological limits of forage fish for fed aquaculture, 2018, Halley E. Froehlich, Nis Sand Jacobsen, Timothy E. Essington, Tyler Clavelle, Benjamin S. Halpern, Nature Sustainability

An experiential, adaptive, inexpensive, and opportunistic approach to research capacity building in the tropics, 2018, Francis E. Putz, R. Ruslandi, Anand Roopsind, Biotropica

Pink Salmon induce a trophic cascade in plankton populations in the southern Bering Sea and around the Aleutian Islands, 2018, Sonia Dawn Batten, Gregory T. Ruggerone, Ivonne Ortiz, Fisheries Oceanography

The GeoLink knowledge graph, 2018, Michelle Cheatham, Adila Krisnadhi, Reihaneh Amini, Pascal Hitzler, Krzysztof Janowicz, Adam Shepherd, Tom Narock, Matt Jones, Peng Ji, Big Earth Data

A Climate Science Regional Action Plan for the Gulf of Alaska, 2018, Martin Dorn, Curry Cunningham, Michael Dalton, Brian Fadely, Brandee Gerke, Anne Hollowed, Kirstin Holsman, Jamal Moss, Olav Ormseth, Wayne Palsson, Patrick Ressler, Lauren Rogers, Mike Sigler, Phyllis Stabeno, Marysia Szymkowiak, NOAA Technical Memorandum NMFS-AFSC-376

Comprehensive evaluation of genetic population structure for anadromous river herring with single nucleotide polymorphism data, 2018, Kerry Reid, Eric P. Palkovacs, Daniel J. Hasselman, Diana Baetscher, Jared Kibele, Ben Gahagan, Paul Bentzen, Meghan C. McBride, John Carlos Garza, Fisheries Research

Comparing the cost effectiveness of nature-based and coastal adaptation: A case study from the Gulf Coast of the United States, 2018, Borja G. Reguero, Michael W. Beck, David N. Bresch, Juliano Calil, Imen Meliane, PLOS One

Financing the sustainable management of Rwanda's protected areas, 2018, Martin Cicowiez, Thomas Ochuodho, Michel Masozera, Bernabas Wolde, Pankaj Lal, Sebastian Dudek, Janaki R. R. Alavalapati, Journal of Sustainable Tourism

Comparative terrestrial feed and land use of an aquaculture-dominant world, 2018, Halley E. Froehlich, Claire A. Runge, Rebecca R. Gentry, Steven D. Gaines, Benjamin S. Halpern, PNAS


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