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Thirty years of change and the future of Alaskan fisheries: Shifts in fishing participation and diversification in response to environmental, regulatory and economic pressures, 2019, Anne H. Beaudreau, Eric J. Ward, Richard E. Brenner, Andrew O. Shelton, Jordan T. Watson, Jennifer C. Womack, Sean C. Anderson, Alan C. Haynie, Kristin N. Marshall, Benjamin C. Williams, Fish and Fisheries

Building Coral Reef Resilience Through Spatial Herbivore Management, 2019, Anne E. Chung, Lisa M. Wedding, Alison L. Green, Alan M. Friedlander, Grace Goldberg, Amber Meadows, Mark A. Hixon, Frontiers in Marine Science

Governance of marine aquaculture: Pitfalls, potential, and pathways forward, 2019, Ian P. Davies, Valerie Carranza, Halley E.Froehlich, Rebecca R. Gentry, Peter Kareiva, Benjamin S.Halpern, Marine Policy

Greater stem growth, woody allocation, and aboveground biomass in Paleotropical forests than in Neotropical forests, 2019, Philip G. Taylor, Cory C. Cleveland, Fiona Soper, William R. Wieder, Solomon Z. Dobrowski, Christopher E. Doughty, Alan R. Townsend, Ecological Society of America

Try, try again: Lessons learned from success and failure in participatory modeling, 2019, Eleanor J. Sterling, Moira Zellner, Karen E. Jenni, Kirsten Leong, Pierre D. Glynn, Todd K. BenDor, Pierre Bommel, Klaus Hubacek, Antonie J. Jetter, Rebecca Jordan, Laura Schmitt Olabisi, Michael Paolisso, Steven Gray, Elementa

Parsing human and biophysical drivers of coral reef regimes, 2019, Jean-Baptiste Jouffray, Lisa M. Wedding, Albert V. Norström, Mary K. Donovan, Gareth J. Williams, Larry B. Crowder, Ashley L. Erickson, Alan M. Friedlander, Nicholas A. J. Graham, Jamison M. Gove, Carrie V. Kappel, John N. Kittinger, Joey Lecky, Kirsten L. L. Oleson, Kimberly A. Selkoe, Crow White, Ivor D. Williams, Magnus Nyström, Proceedings of the Royal Society B

Global meta-analysis of the relationship between soil organic matter and crop yields, 2019, Emily E. Oldfield, Mark A. Bradford, Stephen A. Wood, SOIL

Quantifying uncertainty in the wild‐caught fisheries goal of the Ocean Health Index, 2019, Jamie C. Afflerbach, Melanie Frazier, Halley E. Froehlich, Sean C. Anderson, Benjamin S. Halpern, Fish and Fisheries

Larger gains from improved management over sparing–sharing for tropical forests, 2019, Rebecca K. Runting, Ruslandi, Bronson W. Griscom, Matthew J. Struebig, Musnanda Satar, Erik Meijaard, Zuzana Burivalova, Susan M. Cheyne, Nicolas J. Deere, Edward T. Game, F. E. Putz, Jessie A. Wells, Andreas Wilting, Marc Ancrenaz, Peter Ellis, Faisal A. A. Khan, Sara M. Leavitt, Andrew J. Marshall, Hugh P. Possingham, James E. M. Watson, Oscar Venter, Nature Sustainability

Single species conservation as an umbrella for management of landscape threats, 2019, Claire A. Runge, John C. Withey, David E. Naugle, Joseph E. Fargione, Kate J. Helmstedt, Ashley E. Larsen, Sebastian Martinuzzi, Jason D. Tack, PLoS ONE


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