TED Talk Features SNAPP Sustainable Aquaculture Working Group Participant, Mike Vielings

Mike Velings, of the SNAP Partnership Sustainable Open-Ocean Aquaculture Working Group discusses how aquaculture is part of the solution to providing a sustainable protein source for an increasing world population in his TED Talk: The Case for Fish Farming.

Velings emphasizes the sustainability of farmed fish. He highlights that farmed fish are much less resource intensive in terms of inputs than alternative protein sources, such as cattle. While acknowledging that aquaculture is still fighting a bad reputation residual from early aquaculture practices, he says that today's aquaculture production practices are enabling the Green Revolution of the sea,

"New technologies means that we can now produce a feed that's perfectly natural, with a minimal footprint that consists of microbes, insects, seaweeds and micro-algae. Healthy for the people, healthy for the fish, healthy for the planet."

With a call to action to consumers to put pressure on the aquaculture industry by asking "Where does this fish come from? Who raised it? And what did it consume?" Velings believes aquaculture farmers will feel the need to make information about farmed fish more transparent and practices even more sustainable.

Mike Velings is the co-founder and the driving force behind Aqua-Spark, a global investment fund for sustainable aquaculture, combining a healthy financial profit with environmental and social impact.

CLICK HERE to learn more about aquaculture and how the SNAPP Sustainable Open-Ocean Aquaculture Working Group is striving to guide and support the emerging open-ocean aquaculture industry to employee sustainable practices.

To watch Mike Velings' TED Talk on how aquaculture can make an impact in a world where protein demand is on the rise CLICK HERE


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Posted on February 23, 2016