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NCEAS Informatics’ mission is to create and advance technologies and methods that enable robust, reproducible science in ecology and environmental sciences. NCEAS’ Informatics work is conducted with a number of partner collaborators and impacts the way ecological research is conducted, especially relative to synthesis and collaboration, which depend so heavily on extending access to relevant data.

This week the Informatics team is hosting two different collaborations at NCEAS: one for the Institute for Sustainable Earth and Environmental Software (ISEES) and the other for the Community Dynamics Toolbox. In addition, the team is preparing to launch a major upgrade to the widely used KNB Data Repository.

Institute for Sustainable Earth and Environmental Software (ISEES)

Monday and Tuesday, February 3-4, 2014, NCEAS and its partner collaborators begin writing a strategic plan for a Software Institute for the earth and environmental sciences. Last year the ISEES steering committee gathered support and valuable input from more than 100 people representing the broader research community, through a series of design workshops. The envisioned Institute would coordinate the development and sustainable support of innovative and interoperable scientific software tools that can transform science at the intersection of earth, environmental, and life sciences.

Community Dynamics Toolbox

Wednesday through Friday, February 5-7, 2014, NCEAS, its partners from University of New Mexico and University of Wisconsin’s Center for Limnology, and other collaborators will hold their first Working Group to develop a Community Dynamics Toolbox for the analysis of long-term ecological dynamics. The Toolbox will using the R statistical language and Kepler, an open-source scientific workflow system that NCEAS co-founded with partners. The team will gather together multiple metrics of ecological dynamics into one toolbox that will provide ecologists with a new set of tools for quantifying how communities change over time.

Relaunch of the KNB Data Repository

Later this week, the Informatics team will launch a major upgrade to the KNB Data Repository after a major overhaul to improve performance and the user experience, while adding exciting new features. The KNB Data Repository allows a global community of researchers to share and preserve ecological, environmental, and earth science data in support of large-scale synthesis. Over the years, hundreds of scientists have used the KNB as an efficient way to discover, access, interpret, integrate and analyze complex ecological data from a highly distributed set of field stations, laboratories, research sites, and individual researchers. 

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Posted on February 3, 2014